Biennial for Emerging Art

The 1st Edition of the Biennial for Emerging Art takes place between 16-19 October 2015 in Bucharest

The Biennial for Emerging Art functions as an artistic, political and social gathering.

B.E.A.R will produce and showcase 6 young performance artists coming from Europe and the Middle East. The Biennial is committed to provoke new dialogical ways of thinking and making performing art and, for this, will put together those artists standing at the border of security, lawfulness and ethics.

Performance artists

  • Photograph: James Glossop for The Times

Tania El Khoury, whose one-on-one performance piece at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival is espionage-themed.

For Ben Hoyle piece on must-see things this weekend in Edinburgh.


    Tania El Khoury

    Curator at the 2015 Biennial for Emerging Art. Tania El Khoury is an artist working between London and Beirut. Tania performed and staged interactive installations in various spaces ranging from the British Museum to the Mediterranean sea, a cable car, a shipping container and an old church in Beirut once used as a military base […]
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  • b4886cd2f1af127ea0d9372ff8fd594c

    Axelle Pinot

    1991/Born in France. First formed in ballet and then drama, she became a performance artist a few years ago. Her art practice is dedicated to the notion of action. The main topics of the actions are presence and its differents kinds of appearance: political, social and gender based. Biennial project: She will use the Bucharest residency […]
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  • amanda

    Amanda Doherty

    1988/Born in Northern Ireland.  Reviewed as both “an actor of tremendous depth, subtlety, and animal physicality” and “one of Ireland’s foremost young actors”, Amanda Doherty trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London. Amanda has recently performed in New York her original solo show, ‘Inheritance’. She was nominated for the 2014 DANI award. ‘Inheritance’ was also […]
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  • diego

    Diego Cibelli

    1987/ Born in Naples. He lives between Berlin and his home town. His work is articulated through two main lines. On one side, he is interested in the effects of geographical environment on the human behaviour. The other is related to the educational system with its contradictions and possibilities. Biennial project: The topic of the […]
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  • dawn

    Dawn Patricia Robinson

    1987/Born in Germany. A german/british artist mainly influenced by works of C.Schlingensief, Dawn P. Robinson sees art as a mouthpiece to address and comment on current issues and sees it as a duty for herself to reflect on society through art – to draw attention to important aspects in our world which can be easily […]
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  • bryndis

    Bryndís Björnsdóttir

    1983/Born in Iceland. In 2010 Bryndís initiated an international research project at a former NATO base in Iceland which focuses on how histories of cold war, militarized landscapes, social crisis and concepts such as ‘ecology’, ‘creative labour,’ and ‘alternative economies’ can unfold. The project recently established a research centre called Checkpoint at a former checkpoint patrol, which traffics interventions, performances […]
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    Jérémie Pujau

    1982/Born in France. Lives in Berlin. Politics are the core of Jérémie Pujau’s practice. “Through my experience I learnt that there is nothing to expect from the State. In these so-called democracies, people have to rally and work together to change their lives but this requires political commitment and a strong will which are not […]
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  • farid

    Farid Fairuz

    Curator at the 2015 Biennial for Emerging Art. Until he reinvented himself as Farid Fairuz and assumed a fictional biography and another way to interact with the public space, the artist Mihai Mihalcea was one of the most active in the field of contemporary dance in Romania, after 1989. He initiated many of the projects […]
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Our team

  • fc

    Florin Caracala

    Theatre director & Performer. Researching the social histrionism and the way it affects the intersection between art and people.

  • ioana paun

    Ioana Păun

    A live artist and theatre director, who mixes theatre, technology and social sciences to destabilize the seemingly permanent aspects of reality.

  • laura 1-2

    Laura Ștefănuț

    A runaway journalist, left traditional media for developing alternative models

  • 1274477_10201558974769132_1919933125_o

    Andrei Stehan

    Freelance actor and film producer

  • 11102992_10153165066800699_3524862680282415190_o

    Andrei Runcanu

    Artist and graphic designer

B.E.A.R. Schedule

October 6, 2015 – Artists arrival

October 7-16, 2015 – Artistic residencies curated by Farid Fairuz and Tania El Khoury

October 17-19, 2015 – Biennial for Emerging Arts 2015, 1st edition






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